Sales Time is the mobile B2B solution for collecting orders in the campaign showroom and in the warehouse.

Like all our programs, the Sales Time application can be downloaded by stores

With videos to watch and the introduction of an interactive virtual showroom, customers are guided through a new digital experience for issuing orders.

Sales Time is an interactive video catalogue that assists agents, showing their customers the collections with simple taps and swipes. Collecting orders is quick and easy. CRM, budget, returns, and order tracking are just some of the many features that Sales Time can offer the user.

Sales Time can be used by:
  • Agencies and/or agents
  • Importers
  • Showroom
  • Buyer
  • Sales offices
  • Subagents and/or area managers
  • Clients

Autel S.r.l.’s Sales Time cloud-based solution simplifies and streamlines the order and B2B management process.

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