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Retail management system for the retail fashion and non-food world. BestStore is a multi-platform Cloud-based product that manages your sales network in real time from A to Z.
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The advantages of BestStore

BestStore offers integration, optimisation, monitoring and analysis of all business flows and processes in the retail sector.

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BestStore is the parametric and dynamic solution for your business

BestStore’s dynamic structure has developed over 100 organisational models, to best manage the different types of work encountered in Autel’s 30+ years’ experience in the sectors of clothing, men’s, women’s and children’s footwear, accessories and leather goods, as well as the gift and household appliance sectors. Retail management lets you control sales, returns, transfers, end-of-day procedures, incoming goods, inventories, fiscal printouts and statistics.

You can also manage customer cards and profiles and the related issue of gift vouchers, gift cards and promotional offers. System administrators can manage purchases, create price lists, set up promotions, organise shipping, print barcodes, produce and generate reports and gain total control over the activities carried out in the store network. The BestStore system is also a powerful online sales tool to satisfy the numerous requirements of the e-commerce world, and effectively enhances communication between the company and the warehouse.

The ability to sell through integrated e-commerce or connect to the most popular marketplaces lets you assist the customer during different shopping experiences.


BestStore configuration

The implementation of the BestStore project features the following stages:

  • Analysis and proposed functional solution;
  • IT server environment configuration for BS;
  • BS database configuration;
  • User creation;
  • Policy definition;
  • Training;
  • Testing;
  • Go-live.

Shopping Assistant

BestStore at the service of the customer on the move
 BestStore is able to support staff instore, so they can provide customers (loyal or not) with all the relevant information about local or remote availability, suggestions and themed combinations. All in interactive mode and without waiting times.

Data Integration

Data integration in a safe and reliable way, speeding up the management of integrated business processes (logistics, sales, accounting, e-commerce, marketing tools).

Customised Reports

Customisable report preparation through the use of an integrated dashboard.


Staff at the point of sale will be able to view the real-time availability of goods and their location in the point of sale concerned or its affiliated points of sale. Customisable report preparation through the use of an integrated dashboard.


BestStore interfaces with the most popular cash registers.


BestStore is tax-based in over 60 countries.