We've been anticipating your requirements since 1985

We can respond to companies’ needs, and have been anticipating their requirements since 1985.

Autel specialises in vertical solutions in the fashion and non-food sectors. The streamlined structure can offer immediate solutions to corporate needs, thanks to experience gained from accurate analysis and studies of the various organisational and management models of the main customers we have worked with. 30 years’ experience in the fashion sector have produced high-performing solutions used by more than 8,000 users connected to our data centres from Europe, Russia, China, the US, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East, producing 50 million transactions a year.

The fundamental principles of our work are: acquisition of technical skills, partnership with the customer, attention to needs, high-quality solutions, ethical duties and being service-minded.

The best Italian fashion brands have relied on Autel to optimise their sales network and better manage retail processes. A very important achievement for us that has proven our commitment to researching and developing increasingly innovative solutions in a rapidly evolving sector.

An organisation that is attentive to customer needs.

Providing concrete solutions to our customers' needs has always been our top priority.