Part of a company’s value is the ability to accumulate and manage information.

This means each organisation always needs to be able to dynamically analyse the figures presented by the market in order to understand its mechanisms and predict its trends.

The information is used for:

  • Making thought-out, timely and effective decisions;
  • Staying on top of trends;
  • Evaluating decisions made in the past.

To obtain the results listed above, we have developed a BI integrated with our BestStore solution.

Easy to use

Thanks to a user experience designed to simplify each step, we have been able to give each user independence regarding the use of data, while reducing training and support hours to a minimum.

Main features

A modern web application that can be used on any fixed or mobile device. Optimised data organisation to ensure rapid processing for viewing large amounts of data

Scheduling and sending information by email.
Each data request can be exported in Excel format.

It provides a single environment which makes it possible to obtain the necessary data for the various company divisions: administration, control, marketing, sales, warehouse, etc.

Verification and control of:

  • operations carried out by operators;
  • values, costs, top-ups, expenses, accesses, transactions, weather data;
  • KPI and sell-through values and conversions in general.