Shopping Assistant

With Shopping assistant you quickly get all the information about the product of interest to the customer, who is never left alone.

This allows you to cancel expectations and improve the quality of the service with a consequent increase in purchases.
Using a tablet or smartphone equipped with an optical reader, interaction is even simpler and more immediate.

The shopping assistant features

Concrete help

Help in the search for the availability of size, color, model of a particular dress in the local warehouse or in other remote ones.

Buying tips

Suggest which combination to propose based on information set by the system administrator or from the experience of the most frequent sales.

A New Way To Manage Sales

With Shopping assistant, Best Store not only provides information on availability, but is able to conclude the sale, in fact, the items that the customer confirms are placed in a temporary cart, ready for the receipt!

At the checkout, simply open the customer’s cart, check that everything is correct and issue a receipt for payment.

The trolley can be integrated with other products and if the customer changes his mind it will be possible to remove too many items.

The Network Of Stores In A Tablet

Thanks to the Cloud infrastructure, Best store is able to assist sales with the same effectiveness even outside the store, such as at fairs, exhibitions or events.

All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection and the Best Store Shopping Assistant will be able to present the collection to customers, check availability and book the items in any store on the network, also managing the delivery method: with pick-up at the store, or directly to the customer’s home.